Un tema de interés social: La adopción en China.

China es una cultura asiática que por su dimensión está en muchas ocasiones apartada de nuestro foco de atención. Traemos esta sociedad con un podcast que es de interés, la adopción. Transcripción: It's likely that about 80,000 girls and women in the U.S. can identify with 21-year-old Maya Ludtke of Cambridge. Maya was born in China during the country's one-child policy. The policy, which ended in 2015 and became a two-child policy in 2016, was a way to control overpopulation. Most parents preferred to have a boy, so many newborn girls were put up for adoption or abandoned. Melissa Ludtke stands on the balcony of the orphanage she adopted Maya from holding her daughter. (Courtesy Melissa Ludtke) Maya was abandoned in a farming town when she was about 1 day old. She was brought to an orphanage. Nine months later, a writer from Cambridge, Melissa Ludtke, adopted her. Más aquí.