¿Cómo ayudan los audio libros en el aprendizaje?

"Audiobooks and podcasts are popular ways of bringing stories to students, and each mode brings something unique to the class. William Weil, who with his wife founded the audiobook steaming service for schools, Tales2Go, said that even kids surrounded by articulate adults benefit from hearing the complex words and sentences found in novels and nonfiction; correct usage is often lacking in ordinary conversation. Further, audiobooks come with “transcripts”—the book itself—which help support literacy. Finally, advances in digital technology allow teachers to bring audiobooks to the classroom without depending on dated cassettes or CDs: the site Tales2Go allows teachers and schools to buy instant, simultaneous, and unlimited access to audiobooks, letting students listen to stories on multiple devices."

"Podcasts have their own virtues. Monica Brady-Myerov, who provides NPR podcasts to teachers through Listenwise, said that hearing real people tell their stories triggers an emotional reaction among listeners. “Empathy comes from listening to other people tell their story, which improves learning,” she said—the same reason author Malcolm Gladwell gave for starting his own podcast: to “move people emotionally.” Also, unlike audiobooks, which started on paper and were written to be read, podcasts are created to be heard. “That’s what moves the story along—the flow; it sounds better,” she said. Podcasts also often have the advantage of being shorter. What most podcasts don’t have, versus audiobooks?"

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